Strathmore Wheatland AddictionsTeam

What is SWAT?

Formed in Spring 2007, the Strathmore Wheatland Addictions Team (SWAT) builds substance use awareness for the residents of Strathmore and Wheatland County by advocating healthy, informed decisions through community-driven initiatives. Partnering with community members and local agencies, SWAT and its programs aim to build assets within the Strathmore and Wheatland County communities that protect youth from falling into risky behaviours such as violence, alcohol abuse and use of illicit drugs.


Latest News

B.C. health officer calls for greater focus on opioid crisis that killed 1,422 in 2017

How concerning is this when you see it graphed out so plainly?  The Globe and Mail published this article 2018/01/31. Click here for the story

Traffickers See Dollar Signs

I’ve said it time and time again… How much can you trust your drug dealer to keep your interests at heart?! “Staff Sgt. Mark Hatchett with the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Strategic Enforcement Unit, … said traffickers see dollar signs when they look at the deadly substance.”  Click here for…

Angus Reid Poll : 1 in 8 Canadians Affected by Opioid Addiction

One in eight Canadian adults says a family member or close friend has become “dependent on or addicted” to opioids in the last five years, an Angus Reid poll released on Thursday says. Click here for the story

Neonatal Exposure to Drugs

“In 2016-2017, about 1,850 babies were born after being exposed to addictive drugs taken during pregnancy by their mothers, a jump of 27 per cent from 2012-2013, data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information shows.”  In our battle against opioid addiction, at times it seems that our attention is…

Happy New Year from SWAT!

Here’s to another year of substance abuse and addiction awareness and education! Our 2018 team has an influx of new people due to local government elections in our area.  We welcomed Councilors Amber Link and Scott Klassen, both from Wheatland County and Councilor Melanie Corbiell  from the Town of Strathmore.  Additionally, we…

Parents Have Said:

“This program needs to continue in the community… …Other parents need to see and hear about the program. I am so impressed!”

“...They were very excited about receiving the tickets; it was a good interaction with an officer.”

"It’s a great program – positive reinforcement has just as much impact as negative.”.

"Very informative and a great opportunity to share thoughts and ideas."

“This is a great program for the community.”