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Not Just Another Anonymous Face

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Not Just Another Anonymous Face is a substance abuse presentation aimed at the Junior High/ High School age group.  In this presentation, we explore very frankly the long term physical and emotional effects of substance abuse.  The majority of this program is a series of three very personal stories of real people suffering from addiction and where it led them.  The aim of this program is to appeal to the youth’s sense of self-preservation, and to understand that physical maiming, suffering terminal illnesses and ultimately death happens not only to the anonymous faces we see on the screen or those that we hear third-hand, but real people related to people in our community.

Topics of discussion include why kids are still abusing substances, when it starts, what substance abuse eventually looks like through the use of real (but graphic) pictures and stories, the impact of substance abuse on lives, and how to avoid a life of substance abuse.

Contact us if you would like to take part in or host a Not Just Another Anonymous Face presentation in your area.  Please check the Current Offerings tab for information on scheduled sessions.