Strathmore Wheatland AddictionsTeam

Who is SWAT?

SWAT Partners Graphic 2018
Who is SWAT?

Strathmore Wheatland Addictions Team is a community collaborative coalition working together with youth service providers, municipalities, law enforcement and health services to educate that public about the existence of addictions matters and to meet the needs of youth so as to redirect away from high risk behaviours involving drugs and alcohol.

Current volunteers are made up of members of the following organizations:

  • Wheatland FCSS
  • Strathmore FCSS
  • RCMP
  • Peace Officers
  • Town of Strathmore
  • Wheatland County
  • AHS Addiction and Mental Health
  • Child and Youth Services
  • Golden Hills School Division #75
  • Community members

When does SWAT mobilize?

SWAT meets when the need is determined to come together to manage crises or the opportunity arises where the community calls for SWAT’s mobilization, either for our educational programming or for an event.

Can I join SWAT?

Yes! We are always looking for new faces from our community to join us. If you have a passion for helping your community and protecting youth from the dangers of addiction and illicit behavior, please contact us about sitting in at our next meeting.

How can I reach SWAT?

We can be reached by email at