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Kids and Drugs



The Kids and Drugs program helps parents learn strategies to prevent their school age children (aged 8 to 15 yrs) from abusing alcohol and other drugs. It goes beyond providing parents with basic “drug education” to address some of the important protective influences that parents can have.

The Kids and Drugs Program includes:

  • a parent’s booklet
  • a fun and interactive workshop series

This program involves 4 sessions:

    • The Power of Parents:

“Parents are their children’s strongest role model and greatest influence.” This session is designed to show parents how they impact their children’s lives and how their family bond can impact their child’s decision to use or not use drugs.

    • Talking With Your Kids:

In this session, learn effective ways of communicating and bond with your children so as to encourage them to develop the self-esteem and positive assets that will help them avoid problems such as drug abuse.

    • Helping Your Kids Make Good Decisions:

“Children who have the ability to make decisions and choices are well prepared to respond sensibly when or if their peers influence them to use drugs.” Learn to help your child develop these essential decision making skills for handling peer pressure and responsible choice making in all other areas of their life.

    • What Parents Need to Know About Drugs:

This session will provide parents with valuable knowledge about the dangers and effects of various drugs and the possible warning signs of drug use in their children, clear away any misconceptions, and answer any questions or concerns parents may have.

Contact us if you would like to take part in a Kids and Drugs program in your area.

Please check back here for information on future sessions. Please also feel free to pick up the accompanying Kids and Drugs parent book from Catherine Walsh at Strathmore FCSS.