Strathmore Wheatland AddictionsTeam

Positive Ticketing


Did your child receive a Positive Ticket?

In our efforts to promote constructive habits in local youth, SWAT has partnered with local RCMP and Peace Officers to establish a ticketing program that recognizes and rewards youth for their positive behaviours rather than for their negative ones. The ticket and accompanying coupon reward that your child brought home is their copy of this recognition. Their constructive behavior caught the attention of an RCMP or Peace Officer and caused them to stand out as an exceptional example for their peers to look up to. Through this program, SWAT aims to encourage constructive and positive behaviours in our local young people, thus encouraging them to create habits of responsibility and respect that will remain with them into adulthood.

If you have any questions about the positive ticketing program, or how you can nominate a local youth, please contact us

For further information on SWAT’s source for the Positive Ticketing program