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SWAT’s 2017-2018 Year

SWAT’s 2017-2018 Year

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Welcome back, everyone, to SWAT’s 2017-2018 year!

1) Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday September 15 at the Wheatland County Administration building in the Emergency Communications Centre (ECC) at 12:00pm. Elections will be held for Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer at this meeting. We will be discussing a number of new items and carrying forward with our regular business

2) Members of the community are welcome to attend. We would like to invite any interested community members to join our committee. If you have an interest in community and youth health and addictions, and would like to take an active role in raising awareness, come by and see if this group is for you!

I’m looking forward to a banner year for community involvement in SWAT. Come one, come all!

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